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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the requirements to rent a vehicle with Miles Car Rental and/or

  • Current driver’s license. 
  • Credit card under the name of the reservation holder (American Express, Discover, Visa, Diners Club or MasterCard). No cash or debit card payments will be accepted.
  • A deposit will be required as guarantee upon pick-up of the vehicle, and this will be blocked on your credit card. Said deposit will be released upon return of the vehicle.
  • Both the reservation holder and additional drivers must be older than 25. Any additional driver must comply with the same requirements as the main driver.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW). The client may use his personal insurance or may obtain it at the counter for an additional cost.

Are all costs included in the amount provided on the site?

Once you have chosen the vehicle and any additional service you want to include, the details of the rate will specify the inclusions and all taxes and fees that is included in the quote. Miles Car Rental and/or will only guarantee the reservation total as long as it is not modified at the counter.

Can I use my ATM or debit card to reserve a vehicle?

Miles Car Rental and/or accepts payments by debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo. We remind you that a credit card under the name of the reservation holder (Main Driver) will be required at the counter at time of pick up.

What is the amount of the deposit?

The amount of the deposit could be from US$200.00 up to 3 times the rental amount, depending on the rental company, vehicle category and itinerary.

What happens in cases involving drivers younger than 25? Can you apply some type of discount or avoid charges?

If you are younger than 25, you must pay a daily surcharge and make the payment directly at the counter.

What protection is offered in the rates provided by Miles Car Rental and/or

Miles Car Rental and/or offers rates without coverage. Please note that when you pick-up the vehicle, you shall present additional personal coverage for the Rented Vehicle (CDW/LDW) or you can obtain it at the counter for an additional cost.

Is there any penalty if I decide to cancel my reservation?

Please be advised that a penalty of 10% will apply if you cancel your reservation or if you do not use the rental (No Show)

This penalty will also take effect in case the primary renter does not meet the following rental requirements at pick-up time:

  • Valid Driver’s License with expedition date for over a year and under the name of the reservation holder’s name (International Driver’s Permit where requested).
  • Credit Card under the reservation holder’s name with enough funds for the guarantee deposit.
  • Passport and Flight Tickets (Round-trip).
  • The renter must meet the age requirements in order to qualify for the rental.




Please be advised that some Europcar Rates apply different cancellation policies, for example:

  • In case the reservation is not used and the cancellation is requested after the pick-up date registered in our system, a penalty of 95 EUROS will apply. If the total amount of the reservation is less than the amount of the cancellation penalty, no refund will be processed.
  • If the reservation is cancelled within a period of 48 hours prior to the pick-up date registered on the reservation, a penalty of 50 EUROS will apply. In case the total amount of the reservation is less than the amount of the cancellation policy, no refund will be processed.


Regardless of the reason why the reservation is being cancelled, the corresponding cancellation policy will apply.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.

How do I arrive at the vehicle pick-up location?

The pick-up location details will be specified before and after completing the reservation.

How does the payment of tolls work, how much do they cost?

The reservation holder will be responsible for the payment of any corresponding toll, which can be paid in cash when crossing the toll or by requesting the activation of the rental company’s electronic toll system directly at the counter. This electronic system is subject to availability and can vary depending on the location, city and/or country where the rental is taking place.

Why is the daily rate amount in my final quote higher in comparison to the rate provided in the available inventory?

Please note that the amount provided in the front page of your quote search is a base amount corresponding to the auto rental. The final quote shall be higher, for the payable amount will include the corresponding taxes, fees and charges.

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